The Gift of Connecting: Blogging in the Present

Here I am, Blogging!  I’m new at this blogging thing, and excited to share and connect. Not brand new to writing, as some of you know I do in our monthly Tantric Sacred Journeys newsletter, but new to this form. So, I will trust myself to experiment and welcome your feedback, sharings, questions, and stories.  As an Advanced Certified Tantric Educator, Dakini, Tantra Workshop Facilitator, Woman, Beloved, Mom, Daughter, Friend, and Human…..I have years of experience.  And…..I have questions and curiosities.  I have insight. I have successes. I have challenges.  Relationship is my muse.  Connection, my drug.  Passion, my elixir. Sexuality, my sustenance.  Why are we here, but to share our dreams, desires, pleasures, curiosities, and Love?  To open up to the places where we are so tender and vulnerable, and to have those places find healing and peace.  To awaken and unleash the truth of ourselves, so that we can meet each other more authentically. To hold our own, and others pain tenderly and compassionately. To contribute lovingly and fully to the planet and her inhabitants.  To celebrate this crazy, wild life we are blessed with, with dance, movement, music, art, communication, sensuality, sexuality, humor, humility, tears, laughter, hugs, kisses, and all the beautiful and hard feelings and emotions that move in and out like waves. With this movement, I share the gift of connection. Present. With Presence. With honor.


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